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Windows Update MiniTool 20.12.2016

Windows Updates are Microsoft’s way to ensure that everybody receives all available bug fixes, patches or enhancements on time. While it is undoubtedly useful to install them, sometimes these updates might come in a bad moment, e.g. when you are in a hurry or are busy working, so you simply postpone them. If you want to make sure that you do not forget about the postponed updates, you can use Windows Update MiniTool, as it allows you to download and install them when you choose. This application features a straightforward layout that makes it as intuitively as possible for all users to enjoy its feature-set. Since it is portable, it does not require any installation on the host PC.

An alternative to the standard Windows Update
• Checking for updates
• Download updates
• Installing Updates
• Removal of installed updates
• Hiding unwanted updates
• Get direct links to the * .cab / *. Exe / *. Psf update files
• View update history
• Configure Automatic Updates
• Runs on OS from Windows XP to Windows 10




Download |
All credits link and tool creation to stupid user / ru-board

Download all Language
To set the language need wumt lang.ini placed in a folder with the program

Actual version of language file is 30.07.2016 

Arabic (translation abbodi1406) - 30.07.2016  
Bulgarian (translation ExaFlop) - 10.01.2016
Chinese Traditional (translation Acrd) - 30.07.2016
Chinese Simplified (translation YanJun Sun) - 30.07.2016
Czech (translation Gladstone) - 10.01.2016
Dutch (translation Evides) - 10.01.2016 (updated 18.01.2016)
English (translation Mr.X) - 30.07.2016 
(Hardcode in exe) (Not required for non russian os versions. English UI by default.) 
French (translation Soulfate / Matrix360) - 30.07.2016
German (translation Sherman Tank) - 30.07.2016
Hebrew (translation smoky-jr) - 30.07.2016
Hungarian (translation Fowler) - 10.01.2016 (updated 11.01.2016)
Italian (translation Freddyfre) - 30.07.2016 
Korean (translation yukiki99) - 30.07.2016
Polish (translation Mr.T
 / iNtEnSePL) - 30.07.2016
Portuguese (Brazil) (translation Igor Ruckert) - 30.07.2016
Portuguese (Portugal) (translation fLOW) - 10.01.2016
Romanian (translation ruby2hora) - 30.07.2016 
Slovenian (translation RejZoR) - 30.07.2016
Spanish (Argentina) (translation enesalpa) - 30.07.2016 

Spanish (translation Mr.X) - 30.07.2016 (Hardcode in exe) 
Swedish (translation cavveman) - 30.07.2016
Turkish (translation Murat5038) - 30.07.2016
Ukrainian (translation THEOS) -

Vietnamese (translation vanhoivo) - 10.01.2016 (updated 19.06.2016) 

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Offline mode
To use the Offline mode you need a file, which can be found here.
The file must be placed in the program folder.

Useful things
To collapse all the groups in the list, click the middle mouse button (the wheel).
To sort the list, click on the name of the column on which the sort will be performed.
In the new system, the first check for updates may take a long time.
The program works on the basis of a system update service.

How to make a color selection from the list of updates
Create a folder with the program file wumt_config.ini. Prescribe it the following code (example)



In the section of Market Updates include your articles required updates that will be highlighted. The amount is not limited, you can continue "win_x_kb_n = 1234567" and so on. The name can be any thing that is different from the others.
Section MarkedUpdatesColor responsible for the color of the backlight. It is not obligatory, it can be removed. If this section is missing, the default color is used as in Example.
Italian (translation Freddyfre) - 30.07.2016 (Link by me)
The dutch translation is take down on yandex
all language and link update