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Registry Trash Keys Finder

Registry Trash Keys Finder (TrashReg) is an advanced Registry cleaning tool. The main function of RTKF is to allow the removal of unnecessary keys from the Windows Registry. Many programs leave keys in the Registry, even after programs removal using an uninstallation facility provided with the programs themselves. RTKF allows you to decide whether to delete or leave the keys found. An additional effect (it may be the main aim for some users) of removal of these keys is the "revival" of some programs trial versions after the initial trial period has expired.

  • Changes in
  • Confirmed compatibility for Windows 8.1;
  • Added new routine for searching of PCGUARD 6 keys;
  • Some changes in Enigma protection keys' search;
  • Added new Edit menu command "Copy Keys' Context";
  • Fixed buggy look while using screen fonts with dpi <> 96;
  • Other changes, mostly not too important.



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