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Vopt 9.21.01

Vopt is a disk defragmenter that includes batch and scheduled defragmentation options to keep your disk performance at an optimal level and can show information and statistics for file usage, fragmentation, and more all combined in a visually rich yet compact environment. It offers advanced features to override NTFS packing style, exclusion of large files and specific paths, as well as strategic placement of file to improve defragmentation speed. Vopt also provides options to optimize swap file and other system settings and wipe free space, includes additional tools to find large files, delete junk files, clean your browser cache, cookies and more.

Defrag drive (tighter packing) - Performs extra work to reduce the number of small gaps left after defragmenting.
Quick defrag (VSS compatible) - Files larger than 64 MB are not defragmented, and file packing is minimal.
Batch defrag - Defragments the multiple drives you select, and turns off the system afterward if you like.
Defrag pagefile - Defragments the pagefile.
Exclusions - Lets you exclude files from being moved.
Schedule - Lets you schedule automatic defragging.
Check disk for errors - Provides a more informative access to Window's drive checking facility.
Drive failure prediction - Checks the drives' hardware status to ensure that they are in good working order.
Drive performance - Provides a realistic measurement of actual drive throughput.




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