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ESET Endpoint Security / Antivirus 6.4.2014

Get the proactive security solution that lets you focus on managing your business, not your antivirus. Powered by proven NOD32® technology, it balances fast scanning with precise detection and a light system footprint designed to extend the lifetime and usability of your hardware. Multiple layers of protection include data access control to prevent data leakage and block unauthorized devices. Manage everything from a single console with the intuitive Remote Administrator.



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Category: Anti-Malware | Added by: Freddyfre (08-06-2016)
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Available to users only
Pass: SoftDay

Available to users only
activator untested with new v.6.4.2014
Version 6.4.2014.0 (as compared to 6.3.2016.0, released on January 21, 2016)

Added: Support for the visually impaired
Added: Support for bundle installer when creating installation package from ESET Remote Administrator
Added: Support for Digest authentication during communication with ESET update servers (Username and Password no longer sent in plain text after update)
Added: Support for HTTP proxy fallback in case connection to proxy fails
Changed: Wording adjustments for certain tooltips and help pages
Fixed: Other minor bug fixes

Version 6.3.2016.0 (compared to 6.2.2033.0 released on November 04, 2015)

Added: Web threat detection for threats caused by browser vulnerabilities or browser plug-ins (Java, Flash, Silverlight)
Added: Ability to perform one action for additional viruses found after scan
Added: Seat name added to Help and support page as custom name for endpoint seat
Added: Automatic update of product from removable media
Added: Ability to hide license expiration messages and information
Added: XML files generated from ESET Endpoint 5 are correctly imported to ESET Endpoint 6
Added: Driver support for 3G modems and similar connection devices
Added: Updated AV Remover to most current version
Fixed: Idle-state scanning running when computer is locked even though it is set to run on screensaver only
Fixed: AV Remover crashes when two installation processes run simultaneously with AV Remover scanning
Fixed: Updated the Protection Status message "Installation is out of date" when no update task is scheduled (it now states “No regular updates scheduled” both on the endpoint and in ERA)
Fixed: Error using the Repair feature if the endpoint product is installed from repository
Fixed: Endpoint is not assigned to dynamic group "License expired" when license is expired
Fixed: Incorrect device name displays in the “New device detected” window
Fixed: The endpoint product incorrectly detects the system as full-screen when moving tabs in Microsoft Edge and causes Presentation mode to start
Fixed: Presentation mode starts when RDP connection is opened in full-screen mode on second monitor
Fixed: Option to select second update server in scheduler is grayed out if primary update server is set to default
Fixed: Added scrollbar indicating time remaining in case of migrating endpoint containing a large Web control list (50k+ links)