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Yandex.Browser is a user-friendly web browser that sports a minimalist look designed specifically for helping you surf the Internet in a cluster-free interface. It uses the same engine as Google Chrome and Safari for rendering web pages, namely the WebKit layout engine, and is based on the Chromium open source project from which it draws its source code. Not only does the program promise to deliver excellent browsing speed, thanks to its built-in turbo mode, which can be enabled in case your Internet connection is slow, but it is also able to warn you about harmful sites that may affect your computer’s security and checks all downloaded files for viruses with Kaspersky. A special emphasis is place on protecting your sensitive data from unauthorized viewing by letting users block or allow cookies for the specified web page, as well setting up permissions. Last but not least, the browser comes packed with an Incognito Mode that automatically erases all cookies and histories when the app is closed, and allows users to install various extensions. Yandex Browser proves to be as stable and feature-packed as other dedicated browsers on the market. 

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Thanks for direct link multilingual and update
Better than Google Chrome ..... according to me .. lovely browser
yes Very fast and good development of safety  shades