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Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) WHQL

Intel Management Engine Interface or IMEI is one of the main components of the VPRO Remote Access technology by Intel. VPRO is an umbrella term that refers to a collection of several computer hardware technologies that help in managing the PCs. These technologies provide security features and enable remote accessing to the PC including the management, monitoring and maintenance irrespective of the operating system state and PC power state as well. IMEI manages the processors input/output operations. Most of the people still remain confused with the term Intel Management Engine Interface as they have little knowledge of the computer hardware. So, here is a short definition of IMEI. Basically, it is an interface that uses the Intel ME hardware features to enable an interaction between high- and low-level hardware systems in a system. With this Intel feature, the administrators can now handle the tasks without intervention of the human beings. This has simplified various tasks in a computer system.


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