SoftDay - Community Guidelines

SoftDay is a community website for sharing software trial with Activation Tools for educational purposes only. Activation tools should be removed from your PC immediately after your test.

Permitted only English language. Comments language other than English are removed.


We would like to personally welcome everyone to SoftDay. We recommend you read over our SoftDay Rules to ensure your posts are correctly structured and contain the appropriate content.

SoftDay is an interactive community. As with all such communities members are expected to behave in a certain manner. This document will explain our expectations of our members. Please read this document thoroughly and ensure that you keep up with it, as it will be updated regularly.

All interactions between community members (be it via posts, PM's or via the shoutbox) should be free from flaming, baiting, spam, profanities and illegal / obscene material, and as a result should be positive, polite and constructive. Should you come across something that isn't please contact a staff member via a PM.

We offer a shoutbox and the ability to post status updates. These are value added features and are not be used as an alternative to site posts (to ask questions or insert link of any nature).
The staff are here to ensure the site can be enjoyed by everyone. All staff here are volunteers, please keep this in mind before placing unnecessary pressures upon them. They expect to be treated with same respect as every other member of the community.

Members are only permitted to have a single user account. Duplicate user accounts may be removed or other sanctions imposed, without notice. Occasionally users that haven't been active in over a year and haven't made a single post may be removed. If your account is removed, please feel free to create a new one. We do not remove member accounts upon request.

The rest of this document will divulge into more details about the above.


The staff are here to ensure that the site stays as neat and as tidy as possible. Posts may be edited, moved, split, locked, hidden or even deleted if deemed necessary. They will not tolerate abuse of any kind whatsoever.

Members may be warned for any offences (as named in this document). They may also be placed under moderator post preview (in order to assess the post quality), suspended from the forums or banned permanently. You will be contacted regarding any of the aforementioned actions.

Certain offences are more serious than others and may result in a ban without warning. Any attempt to circumvent a temporary ban will lead to that ban being made permanent.

We try to look after our members, and as such, expect the same from our members. If there is a problem with any member on this forum, please contact a staff member so that they can deal with it appropriately. Please don't try to deal with these issues by yourself as it will most likely cause bigger problems.

Posting & Messaging:

The following guidelines should be followed throughout the site.

Members are reminded to respect copyrights. As such, any links or posts containing illegal content are not permitted. This includes and is not limited to cracks, keygens, serials and "licensed" software materials. Members can share such items via the "Code or ShareCode" system. Requests for illegal materials are not permitted. Any content copied from elsewhere should include a source link.

Download direct software, homepage softwarehouse or info software always create the link with AnonymZ.
Link  Activation Tools software always "Code or ShareCode " system.
All software published in Home SoftDay are prohibited in Forum.

The staff of this board retains the right to delete or modify any posts as they see fit.

The decision of an Administrator is final and not up for discussion.

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