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Disable Windows’ Internet Connection test to improve privacy
FreddyfreDate: Sunday, 07-08-2016, 19:55:57 | Message # 1
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Whenever you start a PC running Windows, an Internet connection test is run automatically to test the Internet availability.
The test tries to connect to a Microsoft website -- -- to download the ncsi.txt text file from the server the website is hosted on.
Windows knows then if your computer has Internet access, local area network access, or no network access at all.
To be precise, NCSI, that is the Network Connectivity Status Indicator, tries to connect to the domain name to check the contents of the text file.
It will also make a request for the DNS name resolution of and expects the result to be
The text file itself does not contain lots of information, just the text Microsoft NCSI to be precise, but since a connection attempt is being made, it can be recorded by the servers.

So, whenever Windows checks for Internet connectivity successfully, the time of the connection and the IP address is recorded by Microsoft's server.
This is confirmed on this Microsoft Technet page where the feature is described in detail:
IIS logs are stored on the server at These logs contain the time of each access and the IP address recorded for that access. These IP addresses are not used to identify users, and in many cases, they are the address of a network address translation (NAT) computer or proxy server, not a specific client behind that NAT computer or proxy server.
According to the information, the IP address that gets recorded by the server is not used to identify users.

Isn't a "Legal" Spy System? ... well , if you feel ashamed from all of this, we will teach you How to Block all that stuff!.

So, if you Wanna Block the Microsoft "Auto IP-Listening" Service? Act as below:

The Registry
This is the easier option. All it takes is to change the value of a single Registry key and be done with it for good.

Use the Windows-R combination to bring up the run box on your system.
Type regedit and hit enter.
Confirm the UAC prompt that appears.
Navigate to the following folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\NlaSvc\Parameters\Internet
Double-click on EnableActiveProbing and change its value from 1 to 0.
This disables the feature. Should you wish to enable it again at a later point in time, change its value back to 1.

Done?! No, There's another way on how they can Track us, by using our Local Computer Policy Editor.

Wanna be more secure?
You'll have to deactivate the "Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests".

How can you do it? Follow these steps:

1) Search for gpedit.msc and click on it, the Local Computer Policy Editor will appear

2) Go here:
Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Internet Communication Management > Internet Communication Settings

3) Look for "Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests" and turn it OFF.

Still Worried?

You can Manually Block the domains and the referred IPs directly from the HOSTS File!...

1) Navigate here:

2) Open the file with NOTEPAD or another Text Editor:

3) Paste these following lines at the end of the File:

Congratulations! You have now stopped to send all your Connection Details to Microsoft!.

When technology puts passion... SoftDay

by Freddy
saukeenDate: Friday, 02-12-2016, 00:09:59 | Message # 2
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Splendid Explanation.........

Thank You............
OneDate: Friday, 06-01-2017, 13:51:52 | Message # 3
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Thanks very much  respect
monstertruckpaDate: Monday, 27-02-2017, 19:45:53 | Message # 4
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